Commercial Roofing: Coat, Re-Cover, Repair, or Replacement

Commercial roofing repair

Commercial Roofing: Coat, Re-Cover, Repair, or Replacement

Commercial roofing is designed to last a while, though as experienced building owners know, roofs can develop many problems over their lifetime. Issues can occur when the installation was done incorrectly or the design of the roof was calculated wrong, and finally if the roof was not properly maintained over the years. On commercial roofing it can be troublesome when facing problems with your roof and thinking what you should do, we are here to give you four options you have when facing issues with your roof: coat, re-cover, repair or a full replacement. Before thinking about the four choices you should first asses your roof and ask yourself these questions, which will guide you to making the correct choice for your building.

  • How much is the roof damaged, how bad is it?
  • Are the leaks occurring in the field? If so, then it is time to replace or rehabilitate.
  • Does the roof have the appropriate amount of installation in it?Over conditioned space you should have R 30 or better for best energy
  • Is the building that is being assessed occupied at the moment?
  • Can the roof be removed easily?

Note: If you notice that your roof tends to generate moisture, you do not have the correct roof for your building and should look for new roofing.

Here are the four options that you have for your roof and their benefits.


There are several commercial roofs that can often times be coated to extend their lifespan (possibly serviceable life). Here are a few reasons to coat our roof for our building:

– Can give you more protection from generating leaks

– Will extend the lifespan of your roof

– If a reflective coating (cool roofing) is used, it will provide energy efficiency by reflecting UV rays and       heat away from your building, keeping our roof cooler

– Minimally disruptive, roof stays water tight unlike a tear-off

– The cost for coating are often times less costly than other options that you may have


There are some situations where if your roof is damaged, you can do without replacing the roof. At times if the roof is in a fairly well-kept condition and the installation of the roof is good, then the best solution can be re-covering. If the roof has just one membrane you can put another one on top. Although this may be less costly than replacing the entirety of the roof, re-covering a roof can only be done once.

Here are some reasons re-covering can be beneficial to you:

– The roof contains good insulation, but the membrane has met its life expectancy

– The roof has not encountered a re-cover before

– Less expensive than a full replacement of the roof

– Removing the roof will be disruptive

– Protects the roof from being exposed to the elements


At times you can encounter a small problem with your roof which an easy repair would be suitable, repairs should be done by a professional ensuring that the issue does not grow. If the membrane is in a suitable state and has not yet met the life expectation on it repairs can be the done. You also would like to ensure that the insulation of the roof is very well kept and is in a good condition in order for a repair to be done. If the solution includes keeping the spending to a minimum, a repair can be the least amount of money.


– Not as costly as the re-cover or the replacement of the roof

– Will extend the lifespan of the roof

Full replacement

There are times where a roof cannot be re-covered or repaired because the damage that is done is to the roof is much too extensive. Often times if the roof is 25% or more damaged the best solution is to have it replaced. Also since re-covering can only be done once, if the roof sustains more damage you will need to replace it. Full replacements are the best choice if you are looking for a long-term solution and if you would like to update your building to the latest technologies.


– Best for long-term solutions

– Energy efficient options

– Lower maintenance costs

At Allied Construction, we pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship. As a preferred contractor with all major insurance providers in the area, we uphold the highest standards in quality and customer service. We are well-versed in all roof damage situations, including storm repair or other catastrophic damages.


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