Quality Commercial Roofing for Livermore, CA

roofing for livermore, ca

Quality Commercial Roofing for Livermore, CA

Having a roof over your head is one thing. But having a quality roof that you can depend on to support your building is a whole other ordeal. Getting roofing for Livermore, CA can be tough, there are so many companies out there How can you be sure that your roof is going to have high quality? Most of us in Livermore, CA wish we don’t have to deal with having to inspect a roof before purchasing. Though ensuring that you are getting a quality roof can most definitely be the difference between you spending thousands of dollars in a roof that isn’t installed correctly or it not being the right roof for your building. A new roofing installment is a big choice for any business owner in Livermore California, we want to aid you in ensuring you receive a roofing system at a fair price. Our roofing for Livermore, CA is done by professional construction workers with years of experience.

Basic Roofing System Components

All sloped roof systems contain these five basic components:

Roof covering: TPO, PVC, coatings, shingles, tile, slate or metal and underlayment that protect the sheathing from weather conditions.

Sheathing: boards or sheet material that are connected to roof rafters that are used to cover a building or home.

Roof structure: rafters and trusses that are needed to support the boards or sheet metal from the sheathing of the building.

Flashing: sheet metal or other material installed into a roof system’s various joints and valleys to avoid water seeping through the roof.

Drainage: a roof system’s design features, such as shape, slope and layout that affect its ability to shed water.

Choosing a roofing system

When you have decided that you would like a new roof, there are several different things that needs to be taken into consideration. Of course the first ones that come to mind would be the cost of the roofing system and also the durability, but those two components should not outweigh the decision when deciding the aesthetics and the architectural style of the roof. Commercial roofing for Livermore, CA is a big step for building owners. You need to make sure that the roof you are choosing for your building is right for it. Creating the right roofing system for your office or building is one that has the ability to balance these four considerations. The following products are most commonly found for steep-slope structured roofing systems.

Asphalt shingles are used throughout steep-slope roofing in the U.S market, these shingles can also be reinforced with either fiberglass or organic materials. Though fiberglass has seemed to have dominated the market. Organic shingles consist of a cellulose-fiber base and it is saturated with asphalt and coated with color granules. Fiberglass shingles have a fiberglass mat, they also contain top and bottom layers of asphalt and mineral granules. Fiberglass shingles have been proven to be fire resistant which would explain one of the reasons why they are more popular in the roofing industry. For Livermore, CA building owners, zinc or copper coated ceramic granules may be considered for they can be applied to both organic or fiberglass products. They help to protect against algae attack which is common along humid areas of California.

Insulation and Ventilation

If the current roof was not as durable as you would be wished it could be, one of the problems could be with your ventilation system of your roofing system. Without proper ventilation, the heat and the moisture from outside can build up and begin to rot the structure from the inside. It can also cause shingles to buckle and cause the insulation to lose its effectiveness. When your contractor comes in to install your new roofing system ensure that all sources of roof ventilation are never blocked off, even in the winter. Although in Livermore, CA the temperatures can reach lower than 20 degrees, in such low temperatures you could be potentially damaging your roofing system. Having a proper insulation and ventilation system will help reduce energy and provide a better environment for your homeowners or workers.

Protecting Your Roof

Once you have a new roofing system it is important that you have a roofing contractor that is willing to help you understand all the different components of your roof, you should ask many questions to ensure a proper dialogue between you and the contractor. Understand that although your new roof may be installed, but the work does not stop there, there are other factors that you will have to take into consideration when maintaining your roof. Roofing in Livermore, CA is done to protect your for outside forces. We see very cold weather and strong winds in the Winter and Autumn times and hot humid weather in both Spring and Summer times, this is very important information to take in after your roof has been installed. Of course you wouldn’t want all that time and effort wasted due to mother nature, though she is not one to mess with.

The sun causes roofs to deteriorate over time, usually the west or south sides are the first to go. High wind speeds have the capability to lift shingles’ edges or other roofing materials and cause water or debris to find its way underneath them. If your building is near any water, (ie. near West or South-side Livermore) where bodies of water are located, moss can grow on moist wood shingles and shakes. If the moss that is building gets its roots into your roofing system, it can be potentially dangerous for your building. We are not mentioning these things to you to scare you into not getting a new roof, though it is important to educate yourself and to have a contractor that can not only install your roof but also keep up with your maintenance needs as well.

Get Your Roofing for Livermore, CA

We approach our customers with three main goals that we want to accomplish, best value, best quality and best service.  When you deal with real experts that work with a broad range of roofing materials, you start to appreciate the knowledge and recommendations our field technicians deliver to save you time and money. We always stay inside the client’s budget when working on a new project, roofing for Livermore, CA is no exception.

We understand that not everyone that needs a new roof can afford the upfront cost and some of our customers want to get the most life out of the roof they just installed. There are different solutions to extend the life of your roof and lower the total cost of property ownership. Commercial roofing for Livermore, CA and surrounding areas is why we are here. Contact us today for your free estimate today!


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