5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

Get your roof inspected

5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

2016 has been rolling by faster than even we expected, winter is on its way and we are ready, are you? Our free roof inspection is one of the most helpful tools to take advantage of when owning a commercial building. There are some aspects of the roof that you, as the owner, can be on the lookout for. Paying attention to the integrity of shingles and making sure that none are broken or torn in the metal flashing are recognizable enough to tell when something is wrong. Also keeping the drains cleared and having them work well can lead to a long lasting roof. Though there are other aspects as to why you should get your roof inspected.

  1. Avoid unexpected repairs

Commercial buildings are a huge investment in itself, last thing you would want is the integrity of your roof to give out. Though there are some issues that roofs may have that can be seen to the untrained eye, there are many things that building owners may not see till it’s too late. Roofs are meant to protect building owners and their associates/ tenants from outside forces. Though, without proper care, unnoticed problems that are not resolved tight away can diminish your roof. Get your roof inspected to avoid problems down the road.

  1. Cover all your bases

Even though as a building owner you may feel as though you know the strength of your building from top to bottom it can never hurt for a second opinion. Having a professional roof inspector look at your roof can be sure that all points of your roof are in top shape. Our roof inspectors have a trained eye to see even the smallest inconstancy. And ultimately they have the ultimate say as to when problems should be fixed.

  1. Ensure top performance

If you have just installed a new roof you may not feel as inclined to have your roof inspected. Even if your roof is relatively new and has been installed it should still undergo inspection. Our roof inspectors will make sure that the roof has been installed correctly and is working to its fullest potential. You don’t want a defective roof and not find out about it in the middle of winter, get your roof inspected before the damage happens.

  1. Prepare for the weather

Winter can be harsh in the Bay Area. In our hometown Livermore, CA our winter can be an average of 39 degrees. During winter we see a lot of mist, frost and condensation. Though right now while we are in the middle of Summer that may seem nice, though for roofs that are not prepared for it can generate a lot of damage. If tears and holes are not treated, bodies of water can accumulate on the top of roofs getting into the damaged areas. Having water inside roofs can create rotting causing the roof to rot away which can cause problems to the safety of the building.

  1. Don’t wait till the last minute

Procrastinating on a roof inspection is not something we suggest. If a problem is found, there is no telling how long it would take to fix it. Here at ACS we do do our roof inspections for free, though you should act fast. Not many companies inspect roofs for free, so though our offer stays you should act fast. Many companies will be calling to get their roof inspected the last few days before winter. Don’t wait, get your roof inspected today.

We are a company that has devoted our time and effort in providing quality roofing to commercial buildings around the Bay Area. When we come out to work with you, we take pride in professionalism and understand your needs. Our free roof inspections are a resource we understand that many commercial buildings need. We recommend having your roof inspected twice a year. You can always set up a standing appointment to ensure you never miss an inspection.

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