Addressing Roofing Issues Before the Rain

Addressing Roofing Issues Before the Rain

Addressing Roofing Issues Before the Rain

The weather of California can be a little off-putting. Not only is it inconvenient for the choice of clothes you should wear during the day, but many people do not recognize the toll weather can take on roofs. The National Coatings Blog put out an article titled, Be Proactive, Not Reactive – Addressing Roofing Issues Before the Rain. Our company, Allied Construction Services, is a company that specializes in commercial roofs. We want to work with you, but we also want to provide you with as much knowledge as possible. Reading this article gave great, simple tips for any building manager to practice. With winter approaching, quickly, it is vital for any building owner to practice these tips for your commercial roof.

Here are the main tips of addressing roofing issues before the rain:

– Remove any debris on the rooftop.

Removing any fallen branches or piles of leaves that can relieve stress on your roof. If you are uncomfortable traveling to your roof or have never done it, it may be beneficial to call a roof inspector. A roof inspector can inform you where it is safe to step on your unique commercial rooftop.

– Unclog all drains.

Simply by taking a cup of water and pouring it down the drain, can identify clogs in your drain.

– Check your gutters.

We suggest this if and only if you are comfortable with your roof and your equipment. Debris in gutters can lead to leaks on different surfaces.

– Maintain your landscaping to prevent roofing issues.

If your building is surrounded by trees, it is important that your trim the trees regularly. In California wind speeds, can be very violent. As a building manager, you want to reduce the probability of debris penetrating your roof.

Building managers do have a burden to carry when dealing with commercial roofs. Being in California, weather has a big effect on commercial roofs. It is always important to be able to have a trusted commercial roofing contractor on call. Allied Construction Services serves the greater Bay Area, and is offering free roofing inspections for commercial buildings. We can catch roofing issues before they turn into a severe emergency.


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