Prepare Your Property for El Niño

prepare your property

Prepare Your Property for El Niño

Though we specialize in commercial properties and working on apartment buildings, with winter approaching quickly we want to inform our customers to stay safe this coming winter. El Niño is real and it is still a major threat to California. You need to know how to prepare your property. The LA Times have recently put out an article, 28 things to do to prepare for El Niño rains this season, this article goes into detail of what steps to take to protect your home. Though this article is mainly directed to residential homes, it can also be applied to commercial buildings. Building owners, Home owner associations, and building managers need to be prepared for all situations. From this article, we have pulled some tips that would benefit commercial building owners, HOA organizations and apartment owners.

  1. Identify leaks early.

– Unattended leaks can stem to become major emergencies if ignored. Call your roofer to check for trouble spots in your roof to help prepare your property. Any amount of water that has penetrated your roof can result in bigger issues. It is important to keep your roof maintained.

  1. Keep gutters clear.

– Prolonged clogged gutters can lead to water soaked roofs. Water can eat at the integrity of the roof and cause major damage.

  1. Cover paint cracks on the exterior of your building.

– Paint cracks in paint can carry water directly into the wood and promote dry rot and termite invasion. If it is one thing that building owners should not have to worry about during the winter is the integrity of their building being weakened.

  1. Have nearby trees checked.

– The drought has taken a toll on all plants. The integrity of a large trees is weakened from the little water that has been received. If your area in California is an area that has in the past received strong winds, your building may be in danger. Ensuring that trees are well maintained and trimmed can save your property from thousands of dollars in damage.

  1. Prepare your property now.

– Interesting enough, the article’s last tip states that experts have stated that the most difficult time to find help to rain-related issues is during a rainstorm.

This article is helpful to anyone for this coming winter. In California, we have been the punchline to all drought jokes. It is important to not let our drought overshadow the preparation that is needed to keep your property protected this winter. Allied Construction Services is helping commercial building owners, HOA organizations and apartment owners, by providing free roof inspections.

In this inspection, we will schedule an appointment at your convenience, we will give you a detailed report of our findings, and talk to you into detail about our recommendations. We will provide you with a competitive bid, but will never pressure you to pursuing any further service. During this inspection, our main priority is to inform you about your roof. We have helped hundreds of properties save money and extend the life of their building components.

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