Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Roof

Winter maintenance

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Roof

It is that time again, where business owners are planning Secret Santa and the annual winter Christmas party. There is so much to plan, so much to do in December, the New Year is coming and everything needs to be running smoothly. Winter maintenance may not be the first thing to come to mind in your to do list. Being in the Bay Area we do see cold weather, though it is California weather. Nonetheless, winter is prime time for commercial building owners, we see some of the highest problems with commercial roofs in the winter time. Here at Allied Construction Services we have decided to share tips for commercial building owners, HOA organizations and apartment owners to use during your winter maintenance.

Do not:
  • Do not believe that because California is in a drought and you have not had much rain in your city that your commercial roof does not need any maintenance.
  • Don’t assume because you have not seen any leaks that there is nothing wrong with your commercial roof.
  • Do not take it upon yourself to inspect your commercial roof if you are not comfortable or do not know your way around your roof.
  • Don’t try to fix a leak/ crack on your own.
  • Do not feel as though you need to let the roofing inspector do their job by themselves and you need to sit out, be involved.
What you should do:
  • Keep your drains and gutters cleared from any debris to prevent build up.
  • Treat any size leak as a flood, leaks mean that water has already penetrated the membrane of your roof.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule with your roofing contractor to extend the life of your commercial roof. (Ie. Regular roof inspections)
  • If hail does occur and if the size of the hail is roughly 3/4th inch you should call your trusted roofing contractor.

Commercial roofs are a big responsibility. Winter maintenance should be a top priority. There are several different aspects that need to be handled when dealing with a commercial building. Here at Allied Construction Services, we want to not work for you, but work with you. We’re a group of people where we understand the needs of building owners. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. We make your winter maintenance a walk in the park.

Call our office today and talk to one of our friendly representatives to set up your first appointment now.


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