Benefits of a Replacement Roof

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Benefits of a Replacement Roof

For property managers and/or HOA Communities, it is a big decision to do any kind of roof work. Though commercial roofs are meant to have a lifespan longer than residential, there are occasions that work needs to be done. In some cases, a roof replacement is necessary. (If you are curious on other roof solutions click here.) Do not be too quick to put off a roof replacement. You could potentially be looking at thousands of dollars in repair later. Don’t panic, because the team at Allied Construction Services, is here to help.

How do you know if you need a replacement roof?
  • Water condensation or wet/damp insulation.
  • Perpetual leak despite attempts to mend it.
  • 25% or more of the roof is damaged.
  • Loose panels
  • Deck and structure problems

If you do not feel comfortable diagnosing your roof on your own, and would feel more comfortable with a professional, we offer free roof inspections. A member of our staff will come to your property and conduct a detailed inspection of your roof. Should the result be that you need a roof replacement there are a tremendous amount of benefits into doing so.

What are the benefits of having a replacement roof?

Replacing a roof is no small task, for any commercial roofer, it will take time. Though before you decide to scrap the replacement roof idea, you should first become aware of the benefits that you and your property can take from doing such project.

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Be rid of the constant issues that you may have with your current roof
  • Stop potential mold growth
  • Save on your energy bill

If you are interested in our program or would like to schedule a free roof inspection for your property, feel free to contact us. It’s the New Year, why not start it with a new roof for your building.


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