Why Coat Your Commercial Building’s Roof?

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Why Coat Your Commercial Building’s Roof?

Allied Construction Services has partnered with KM Coatings Mfg. KM Coatings Mfg. is a well-known coating company that has worked with several clients. They specialize in a Fluid-Applied Roofing System (FARS). There are many roofing solutions that commercial property owners can exercise. Coating solutions has been known to be one of the more effective ways to restore your roof’s integrity. It has been known to be significantly less costly than replacing your commercial roof.

What is a Fluid-Applied Roofing?

The term fluid-applied roofing refers to the coating that will be done on your roof. A fluid base acrylic roof coating in placed on your roof to improve the longevity of your building or office. The color tone in which the coatings are available in range from white to grey to light tan. Coating solutions have been on the high rise for years, commercial property owners have been taking advantage of this innovative solution.

What different grades are available?

Like most products there isn’t just one grade that is available. There are some buildings that need an extra protection due to weather conditions. KM Coatings Mfg. has offered three different options of fluid-applied roofing solutions for your building.

KM Acryl 15 Fluid-Applied Roofing Solution

– Available in Quick Set

– High reflectivity and emissivity

– Premium grade

KM Acryl 40 – HS Fluid Applied Roofing Solution

-High solids formulation for increased dry-mil coverage

– Tolerant to asphalt bleed-through

– Premium grade

BRUSH-IT ACRYLICAULK Fluid-Applied Roofing Solution

– Mastic-grade, high solids sealant

– Ideal for flashings and miscellaneous details

– Suitable to use on various roof surfaces and substrates

What are the benefits of having a KM Acrylic Fluid-Applied System?

Obviously, we have gone over the big benefit, which would be being less expensive than replacing your roof. But there are many other benefits in your coating solutions

– VOC compliant, non-flammable

– Fungal and algal resistant – even in high temperatures

– Product and system warranties available up to 20 years.

There are also rebates that your property may claim when using KM Coatings:

With a Fluid Applied Roof System (FARS) Receive:

EPACT Tax Deduction:

Receive $.60 a sf based on total project (roof and/or walls) when you can show a reduction in envelope energy of 10%. We will provide an energy calculation and other documentation for your file.

Expense Deduction Year 1:

The coating system is viewed as a maintenance and repair. It is not to be considered a “new roof” or “roof replacement”. You may expense the entire new job cost, while continuing to depreciate the existing roof on its current schedule.

Utility Rebates:

Depending on location, many utility companies are offering a rebate for coating projects of up to $.50 a square foot based on the project size or the customer can receive a rebate based on dollars per kilowatt reduction. To qualify, an application with pre/ post job inspections are required.

LEED & Green Building Certification:

A registered LEED project can directly get points in 2 areas: Sustainable Sites: Heat Island Non-Roof (1pt) and Sustainable Sites: Heat Island Roof (1pt). There are 5-7 other categories that our products will indirectly contribute to; depending on each individual project.

Sustainable Building Design:

Because there is no tear-off cost ($1.25 sf average), you will save money by reusing the existing roof. Coating the existing roof also keeps debris out of landfills. This sustainable design has an extendable warranty of up to 20 years.

Deciding you need a coating on your commercial roof is a big choice to make. Be sure to contact several roofing companies and consider their opinions. Each roof is different, you should hire a commercial roofer that considers each project and works within your set budget.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Get in touch with one of our professional roofers and ask any questions you may have and schedule a free consultation and roof inspection to determine what the best fit for your property is.

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