5 Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Roof

Maintenance tips for your commercial roof

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Roof

As building property owners, there is a consistent list of items that need to be done daily. Maintenance for your commercial roof may not be on the top of your list. Often, commercial roofs are neglected from any maintenance until the problem is too severe. As property owners, there is a responsibility that is owned to care for your roofing structure. As a best practice, it is crucial that you follow these 5 maintenance tips for your commercial roof.

Following these maintenance tips for your commercial roof can help you save thousands in emergency repairs. 

1. Create a walkway

If you have any intentions to inspect your commercial roofing system yourself, it is important to know that frequent foot traffic can damage the integrity of the roof. Skilled roofers can inspect a roof with minimal steps. Creating a walkway will reduce damage done to your structure. Read more about best practices when walking on your commercial roof. 

2. Maintain Landscaping

There are many buildings that sustain serious damage from fallen trees or branches. Keeping your landscaping up to date can save your roof and building from thousands of dollars of damages.

3. Look out for Water

When walking your roof any water stains and water pooling, should set off red flags. Any concentrated water can cause mold on the roof. Once mold gets to the membrane of your roofing system, you are looking at a full reroofing.

4. Inspect Roof Drains and Downspouts

To prevent water pooling, inspecting roofing rains and downspouts and ensuring that there is no debris can help. Debris can keep water on your roof, you want a proper flow of water to keep water off your roof.

5. Roof Inspections

Have a qualified roofing contractor inspect your roofing system every 6 months. Skilled roofers have a keen eye to seek out any weak areas in the roof. They can also give you unique maintenance tips for your commercial roof that will help extend the lifetime. Some commercial roofers will also schedule maintenance for you so it is one less thing you worry about scheduling.

Professional roofing inspections is a great way to maintain your commercial roof. Although, a lot can happen in 6 months. It is important that you are able to see any warning signs in your commercial buildings. Following these maintenance tips for your commercial roof can save you thousands of dollars if you can identify any problems before they become an emergency. Keep these tips in your back pocket, or pin it up on an office wall.

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