Benefits of a Waterproofing Commercial Roofs

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Benefits of a Waterproofing Commercial Roofs

Now that we are getting a bit of sun and the rain seems to have died down, that doesn’t mean you should shrug off waterproofing your commercial roof. Waterproofing commercial roofs have several benefits aside from the obvious. Many commercial property owners, HOA communities and apartment complex owners have taken this step in waterproofing their roofs.

1. Cooler Days

Many formulated waterproofing solutions contain highly reflective components. These ingredients reflect up to 85% of infrared radiation from the sun.  These components can reflect the radiation away from your building instead of absorbing it. This will help lower the cost of building cooling, thus saving you money during warm weather.

2. Environmental Benefits

Reduces interior temperatures, lowering the work demand on A/C equipment and reducing energy consumption. Since no tear-off is needed, there is no impact to local landfills. The Cool Roof system reduces the “heat island” effect caused by heat build-up on other conventional roof systems. The products used are water-based, with no harmful fumes or toxins to endanger workers, the environment, or the health of those inside the building.

3. Durability

The waterproof elastomeric membranes are highly resistant to wear and decay, thereby increasing the life of the roof, saving you money and resources. Waterproofing commercial roofs has been used for over 20 years and has system warranties of 10, 15, and 20 years.

4. Disruption Free

Our systems can be installed in about half the time of the built-up roof and do not require the removal of the existing roofing system and thus not adding to the landfill. If you have reservations on waterproofing commercial roofs, because it will be a distraction, our team is very respectful to your occupants and your building.  The system is liquid applied with no seams or fasteners.

5. Highly Recommended

Title 24 compliant, LEED rated, Energy Star approved. The California Energy Commission is responsible for adopting, implementing and updating building energy efficiency. Local city and county enforcement agencies have the authority to verify compliance with applicable building codes, including energy efficiency.

Waterproofing commercial roofs have so many different benefits than just being “waterproof”. Keeping these benefits in mind, you could potentially save your building thousands of dollars in electricity bills and can delay the need of a replacement roof. Your roofing solutions are far more broad than thinking you need a replacement. Talk to an experienced roofer to help you find what roofing solution is best for your building

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