5 Reasons Why You Should Be Coating Your Commercial Roof

coating your commercial roof

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Coating Your Commercial Roof

Summer feels like it is practically here due to the extreme weather we are having. Coating your commercial roof can serve some major benefits to you during this sunny weather. Commercial coating is the most reasonable and affordable solutions that HOA managers, property managers, apartment managers can exercise. Look at these 6 reasons why you should coat your commercial roof.

1. Reduces heat transfer

During hot weather, as the sun beats down on your roof, if your roof does not have the proper protection, the heat will seep into your building. Although you may have you’re A/C on, it may not matter how long you have it running. You could find yourself with a higher energy bill.

2. Non-distraction project

Unlike other roofing solutions, coating your commercial roof does not require any tenants or businesses to relocate. Coating your roof, is the most distraction-free project.

Coating your commercial roof is the best thing to have when Summer comes.

3. Reduces exposure of roof

Especially here in California, during our Summers, we do get a lot of sun time. Rarely do we see a cloud in the sky. Although, we knew that sun isn’t good for us and our skin, it can increase the deterioration of your roof. Coating your commercial roof can help protect your roof from harmful sunrays.

4. Lower cost form of roofing protection

Though there are other forms of roofing solutions that you can choose, commercial roof coating is the least expensive form of solution.

5. Tax benefits

Coating your commercial roof has some great tax benefits. Receive $.60 a sf based on total project (roof and/or walls) when you can show a reduction in envelope energy of 10%. We will provide an energy calculation and other documentation for your file.

Commercial roof coating can help reduce your energy bill during Summer and other hot weather. It helps provide an extra layer of insulation for your building and keep hot weather out. This type of service is most beneficial to commercial property managers, HOA communities and apartment complexes.

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