Creating a Successful Project Schedule in 10 Steps

successful project schedule

Creating a Successful Project Schedule in 10 Steps

When it comes to something like construction projects or roofing projects it is important that a successful project schedule is made.  A successful project schedule makes both parties, the contractor and the client happy.  Recently we have read an article called 10 Things You Must Do to Create a Great Project Schedule.

This article details out 10 steps to creating a successful project schedule.  This article isn’t just useful for contractors, but those who are planning on hiring a contractor.  For property owners or building managers, it can be beneficial to you to be able to follow along with the project manager to make sure they are creating a healthy plan.

Highlights of creating a successful project schedule

  1. Understand the project

  2. Understand the constraints

  3. Create a list of activities

  4. Sequence your activities

  5. Determine the unit of time you will use for the project

  6. Determine activity durations

  7. Understand what is expected the date of completion

  8. Determine milestones

  9. Create a chart where you can show your project’s progress

  10. Remember accountability

If you would like to read more in depth about the article, click here.

If you manage any sort of property, it is important that you are as knowledgeable on the projects as the contractor.  We do not mean that you need to be a professional, but it could benefit you to do some research on a project before hiring a contractor.  There are many businesses who will drag a project for month and in some cases, years.  We understand that time is a sensitive, but crucial element in completing any project.

Here at Allied Construction Services, we make it a priority to work with our clients and to complete our projects within their budget and on time.  Our precision and craftmanship sets us apart from any other commercial contractor.  If you would like to learn more or schedule a consultation with us, please feel free to contact us.

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