Maintaining Your PVC Commercial Roof

PVC commercial roof

Maintaining Your PVC Commercial Roof

For many commercial buildings, it can be difficult to determine when or how you should maintain your PVC commercial roof.  Many roofs are the central aesthetic for a building, especially when you can see it from the ground.  It can also pose a challenge to figure out how to maneuver around your roofing unit without causing damage to your roofing membrane.

As a building owner/manager, you have a responsibility to your clients to maintain a safe environment.  You should also know that all roofs are different.  Each is unique to that specific building.  It is best to have your roof cleaned by professional roofing employees.  It is effective to have a company that comes highly recommended from a diverse background.


Reasons why you need to keep your PVC commercial roof clean:


– Keep debris from causing serious damage to your pvc commercial roof

– Prevents any build-ups of algae

– Prolong the longevity of your roofing unit


How frequent should you clean your PVC commercial roof?


Many commercial roofers will suggest putting you on a maintenance schedule.  This will help property managers that are too busy to schedule cleaning services.  Depending on the environment in which your property is located, you may need to schedule a cleaning session every few months, or bi-annually.  Most PVC commercial roofs can be cleaned with no cleansing agents, often simply water can be used to clean it.

Here at Allied Construction Services, we are experts in working on PVC commercial roofs.  For over 20 years, we have worked with HOA managers and commercial property owners and managers.  We’ve helped different managers from all over the San Francisco Bay Area save money by catching roofing problems before they become emergencies.

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