Choosing the Right Commercial Roof for Your Building

right commercial roof

Choosing the Right Commercial Roof for Your Building

Trying to find the right commercial roof for your community or commercial building can be difficult.  Choosing the wrong roofing system can result in a waste of money and resources.  Some contractors can push managers to go for the most expensive roofing systems.  Although more expensive doesn’t always mean better if it is not the right fit for your building or community.  Allied Construction Services, a veteran-owned business, has made us different from other contractors.  We believe in giving our clients all the information that they need to make educated decisions.

4 questions you need to ask to choose the right commercial roof

Who am I working with?

This question is the most important question and should not be ignored.  Whether you are an HOA community manager managing multiple properties or a commercial industrial building owner with one or two properties, you are putting your property in the hands of a company you don’t know.

We suggest doing proper background checks on both the company and the owner/s.  Ask for references and past locations that they have worked.  Make sure that the portfolios reflect the scope of work that they will be completed on your property.

Who do they work with?

You can learn a lot about the products that contractors use.  We do not hide from the products we use because we know that they are the best in the market.  It is a great idea to research who your contractor works with to provide a safe environment for their clients.  A bit of clicking around won’t hurt.

Am I making an environmentally responsible decision?

Roofing decisions like asphalt shingles, while a perfect fit for some buildings and multi-family units, do contribute to landfills.  Cool metal roofs or cool flat roofs are more energy efficient and a more environmentally-friendly decision.  Choosing the right commercial roof for your building or HOA community can contribute to making the world a better place.

What benefits will I receive?

Ask about any warranties and maintenance plans that your contractor will be able to offer you.  You should be able to speak openly with your commercial contractor for the right commercial roof.  Our team often set up roofing plans with our clients, such as when to schedule maintenance, provide free inspections and provide emergency services.

We’ve worked with HOA managers, commercial property managers, multi-family unit owners, and apartment managers for 20 years.  We have been up and down the San Francisco Bay Area providing expert advice and services.  We are your one-stop shop for finding the right commercial roof.


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