Commercial Roofing Regulations – OSHA

Commercial Roofing Regulations – OSHA

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a nationwide organization that regulates safety-related matters for employees.  After reading an article, OSHA Commercial Roofing Regulations, it adequately lists important OSHA roofing guidelines.  We have been working in the commercial roofing for more than 25 years, we take every OSHA guideline seriously.

OSHA Roofing Guidelines

  • Fall Protection – OSHA requires workers who are exposed to the risk of falling 6+ feet must have fall protection.
  • Fall Protection Training – Employers must provide training relative to fall protection for all workers.  Employers must further certify and properly document that this training has been completed.
  • Roof Holes – Another facet of fall protection relates to roof holes.  This including skylights, that are 6 feet or more from the ground or the next level of a building. The coverings over such holes are not typically sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person. Such hazards and their attendant coverings should be appropriately covered and guarded to prevent falls.
  • Surface Safety – An employer is accountable for making sure a roof has enough structural integrity to support workers before the workers are permitted to walk on the roof. Roof surfaces should also be inspected for slip hazards that may be present due to water, snow, ice or other causes.
  • Weather – Weather conditions should be monitored by an employer, and the employer should consider suspending roofing work in the event of unsafe weather conditions. Examples of hazardous weather conditions include high winds; rain and snow, which can make surfaces slippery; and extreme cold that can cause workers to become clumsy due to numbed hands and feet.
  • Location of Materials – For workers performing carpentry work on a roof, OSHA stipulates their work-related materials should be kept “conveniently close” to them. In the cases of other kinds of roofing work, materials cannot be kept less than 6 feet from the roof’s edge.

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Keeping our clients and our audience know about how we run our business, we feel, is important.  We want to keep an open dialogue with our clients.  Safety is our top priority with our employees.  We ensure that we are stopping your property liability and not adding to it.  If you would like to schedule a project walk for your HOA community, apartment complex or commercial building, we can help!

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