4 Most Common Winter Commercial Roof Problems

commercial roof problems

4 Most Common Winter Commercial Roof Problems

Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

Winter is coming. Each year we get calls from HOA managers and commercial building owners in regards to failing roofs. Here are the most common commercial roof problems that owners and managers are burdened with every year.

1 Roof Leaks

Unattended ponding water is the #1 cause of roof commercial leaks.

Ponding water can be caused by:

  • blocked gutters
  • an uneven roof
  • improper drainage installation.

Water should be drained off a roof within 2 days, any longer should be a warning flag. Protect your commercial roof by scheduling an inspection.

2 Strong Winds

Did You Know: California was hit with 173 MPH winds earlier this year? Intense winds are the most dangerous to flat commercial roofs. As wind clashes on the roofs, it damages one-ply roofs causing it to loosen and wrinkle. Metal units are peeled back, causing sharp and dangerous ridges. Winds of 40-50 MPH can cause damage to the fascia and edge flashing. The older the structure is, the higher the risk.

 3 Condensation

When temperatures drop outside, the cold meets the warmth in your roof. When this happens, condensation occurs. It looks very similar to roof leaks, but the water is being formed inside your roof. Without proper insulation and ventilation, air leak through the roof and into the building causing condensation. Left unattended, mold and mildew will be produced and eventually corrode the interior of your building.

4 Improper Installments

Not all roofing companies can give the proper installments for a commercial building. Allied Construction Services provide the care your commercial building needs.

  • Re-roofing
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Coating Solutions
  • Roof Restoration Systems

As winter is on a fast approach, your commercial roofs are going to need to be in the best shape. If your building is experiencing any of these red flags, call your local roofing contractor. Don’t let roof leaks, strong winds, condensation or improper installments cost you thousands of dollars.

Schedule your free roof inspection to get tips on protecting your building.  See our Service Area.

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    Nice tips about getting the most important part of your house prepared for the winter and save ;lots of money that might go in costly roof repairs in the absence of these precautionary measures.

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