Why Does Your Commercial Roof Leak?

Allied Construction Services Commercial Roof Leak

Why Does Your Commercial Roof Leak?

Water travels before a leak can be visible. That means a leak in your commercial roof can be 20 feet away from the dripping point. Leaks are very common during this time of the year as we endure the rain season. Here are some warning signs of a commercial roof leak followed by reasons why.

We recently came across an article that details leak symptoms along with why your roof is leaking.  We thought it would be helpful to share the article with our audience.  The more you know, the more money you save and the longer your properties and units remain in good standing.  This article, Why is my commercial roof leaking?  5 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks is a great article and we recommend you take some time out of your day to give it a look.  We listed some of the main points below.

What do commercial roof leak symptoms look like?

  • Stained Ceiling/Walls
  • Odor/ Mold
  • Water Dripping/Puddles Inside

Why is it leaking?

  • Poor or no Drainage
  • Open Penetrations
  • Damaged Roof Flashings
  • Damaged Membrane
  • Older Roof

For more information visit the full article.

What should I do?

Minimize interior damage. Survey the area to locate the leak and mark the point of entry.  Allied Construction Services specializes in HOA and commercial building roofing systems for more than 20 years.  Our team is committed to providing professional commercial roof leak service support to prevent further damage to your building. Contact us.

We serve the Bay Area, the Central Valley, and Sacramento. After a request is sent, the nearest technician will be dispatched in the order it was received.
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    Posted at 07:51h, 10 January Reply

    I think for this property owner must hire a very alert and capable property manager who is always alert to these problems, carries out routine and timely inspections and get the problems solved before they become bigger.

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