3 More Questions to Ask a Commercial Roof Contractor

3 More Questions to Ask a Commercial Roof Contractor

For your different properties, the roof is the most important part of a building. In the event of a roof leak or any roofing problems, you will need a commercial roofer ASAP. You may go to Google or Yelp and compile a list for your next commercial roof contractor. Before you hire someone to conduct your next project, you need to conduct a little research on them. If you want the best quality services for your commercial roof, you need to know that your contractor isn’t trying to make a quick buck.  These types of people are out there and can pose a huge liability to your properties.

Test their credibility and ethics with these few questions.

1.  “What is the reputation of your business?”

In the wake of the internet, people are more likely to fall in the claws of scams. If a company representative is hesitant to give out their legal business name, it may not be running legally.

If you want to research a contractor’s legitimacy, you can look up their company on the Department of Contractors State License Board to find if the business license is active.  You need to have 100% confidence in their credibility for the safety of you and your tenants.

2. “What commercial roof contractor licenses do you have?”

In addition to a business license, in the State of California specialty contractors (such as commercial roofing) need a C-39 Roofing License. The C-39 license is not an easy one to obtain.  Only specialty roofers (commercial, HOA, apartment, multifamily home, etc.) can obtain this license. All applicants must take an exam. To qualify to take the exam, one must be experienced with roofing for at least 4 years.  After the examination process has begun, they will need to have an updated application that must be submitted within 90 days. Once the application is submitted, they will have to get fingerprinted at a live scan station (i.e. local police station). The license is not state-transferable.

3. “How much do you charge per square foot?”

This is a trick question. If a contractor has a flat rate, then do not do business with them. They only want the money, not the quality. There are many factors to look at when giving an estimate:

  • Current market value of commercial roofing materials
  • Age of roof
  • Pitch of roof
  • Any warranties the roof is currently under
  • Known Issues

And many more. . .
If they have a one-track mind, they will not be prepared if there are any other setbacks during the installation or other forms of maintenance.


Hiring your next commercial roof contractor is a very long process. Make sure that you hire a credible and reliable company that will give you a roof that lasts. After all, you are trusting them with your property, whether it be an HOA community, commercial building or office area, you are going to need a contractor that you can confidently say that they are going to do the job right the first time.

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  • Ron Pickle
    Posted at 08:55h, 02 February Reply

    Great points! I would also suggest that home owners must contact Better Business Bureau to know more about the reputation of the roofer because this is the place where most of the people complain against contractors.

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