We have broad experience working with different types of structures.

It is no longer enough for a construction and roofing company to know their trade, Allied Construction Services understands that it is about our customers and we need to work in a way that makes their time more efficient.  We have taken our role as a construction and roofing contractor to a new level by creating a learning culture within our organization to better serve our customers.

Commercial Buildings

We have extensive experience working with different types of commercial property, such as shopping centers, strip malls, office buildings, high|mid|low rises and restaurants.  We have specialized practices we use when we work with commercial property managers/owners that ensures that we give the highest level of communication and project support.

Apartment Communities

We have been working with apartment community for a very long time.  We understand the pre-planning that needs to occur to minimize the inconvenience to residents.  We have a good balance of communication and planning to make sure that we keep tenants and the managers happy.

Community Associations (HOA)

We take much pride in being able to serve Homeowner Associations.  The ability to work with Community Association Managers or directly with the Board of Directors takes years of experience and developing best practices. You can count on Allied Construction Services to support the flow of information that is required during projects.


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