Roof Coating Services

Why Coat Your Roof?

Coating roofs has been a known solution to roofing issues. Not only does it solve some leaks and damage, it is also less costly than replacing your roof as a whole. Our partner at KM Coatings Mfg. has been in business for more than 30 years providing the coating solution that we use on rooftops.


The benefits of coating your roof:

– VOC compliant, non-flammable

– Fungal and algal resistant – even in high temperatures

– Product and system warranties available up to 20 years.

– Depending on location, many utility companies are offering a rebate for coating projects of up to $.50 a square foot based on the project size or the customer can receive a rebate based on dollars per kilowatt reduction.

– Because there is no tear-off cost ($1.25 sf average), you will save money by reusing the existing roof.

– Receive $.60 a sf based on total project (roof and/or walls) when you can show a reduction in envelope energy of 10%. We will provide an energy calculation and other documentation for your file.