Commercial Roofing Projects



Allied Construction Services can support both small and large roofing projects, including reroofing, roofing maintenance, restoration, spray on polyurethane foam and custom projects.

Grand Cooley Dam in Washington

All single ply roofs that were installed 10 to 15 years ago could be at the end of their lifecycle where the membrane is cracking and the polyester reinforcing scrim is beginning to show allowing water to enter the building. These are ideal candidates for acrylic or silicone restoration systems. With this system, all of the joints and seams are reinforced and up to 36 mills of the coating are applied on to the membrane giving the owner a 10 to 20 year warranted system. Fluid applied systems are ideal for locations like this due to the number of penetrations that the solar array has. With sheet membranes each penetration could take as much as 10 to 20 minutes to properly install however with the fluid applied system time is reduced by 70%

Allied Construction Services works with governmental agencies in the Western states providing roofing services like this one at the Grand Cooley Dam in Washington. During this project was 5280 man hours with no lost time or injuries. With over 1.35 tons of steel decking, 250,000 ft.² of insulation, 2300 gallons of adhesive and over 100,000 ft.² of the roof membrane.

roofing projects
roofing projects

Richmond, CA Roofing Project

This 66,000 square foot roof was a 20 year warranted silicone roof for a developer in Richmond, CA who had saved over $30,000 by choosing a silicone rood over another type of conventional roofing.

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Novato Health and Wellness

The 55,000 square foot Novato Health and Wellness project was a 60 mil TPO roof on a nursing home.  We also took on the responsibility of handling all the OSHPOD paperwork.  This alone saved our client over $10,000.

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Santa Rosa Project

This Santa Rosa brewery had many years of ongoing leaks with failed repairs which made it ideal for a metal restoration system. In this process, all fasteners are sealed with high solids sealant and the seams are sealed with a fleece back tape then the roof is coated with acrylic coating keeping the interior much cooler and carry a warranty up to 25 years leak free.

coating systems, Santa Rosa, CA
coating systems, Santa Rosa, CA